The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

TLDR: Our generation has been entrusted with building the economy of the future. Technological advancements are accelerating our transition into upcoming times where humans will experience a new frontier in their interaction with each other, data, and artificial intelligence. As architects of the Metaverse, we have a unique chance to prioritize health and well-being in the design and create a sustainable tomorrow for us and generations to come.

Building the future has never been more exciting.

As modern human beings, we have been rapidly creating a world where you can access any person or information with just a few taps and influence a whole generation from the comfort of our bedroom. With nothing but a phone with an internet connection, you can run a business, record a podcast, participate as a guest speaker at a conference via zoom, and even mint your new NFT collection.

Web 3.0 and the technological advancements it has been introducing are magnifying the perks and excitements of the future we are pioneering. The hyper-connectivity of present times will feel like being stuck on a desert island when we fully transition into the not-so-distant city of the future-The Metaverse — and experience a new frontier in human-machine-data interaction.

The future we are architecting is essentially online. The formation of large communities that use online platforms as their hub is a must for web 3.0 and why it is so exciting. The trans-generational collaboration between cultures and backgrounds has become the backbone of modern technological advancements. And we believe that the right approach to nurturing those interactions will unlock what is ahead for humankind and the evolution of our species.

Super inspiring, we agree! But as Uncle Ben once said, with great power comes great responsibility.

The downside of progressing into a future where we can virtually do anything from a device that fits in our pocket is the (not so) slow replacement of IRL interactions for hours of online discussions and other ‘metaversical’ interactions we are still to create. And while this can amplify our scope of influence and connect us to more people like never before, we are gradually depriving our brain of necessities like offline interactions and IRL community, to name a few.

While relentlessly pushing the technological barriers to progress as species, our organic bodies are still a non-variable in the equation. Nurturing a healthy mind and encouraging activities that differentiate us from other species will become increasingly important as we progress to a future in which we are constantly interacting with technology and artificial intelligence.

The past year of isolation has shown us the importance of activities previously seen as mundane to our daily lives. Cultivating healthy habits and strong relationships became essential, and the lack of either has proven to be harmful to our mental health and overall quality of life.

While some may find these negative impacts easy to deal with, most will experience some misalignment between their daily routines and what their brains crave to function well. This disconnection may decrease performance and even cause mental conditions when not adequately addressed. Creatives, for instance, are 20% more prone to experience any mental disorder than the average person.

On one hand, the exponential advancement of technology unveils an exciting new world where we can build, connect, create, innovate and impact humanity more profoundly than ever before. On the other hand, the same technological progress can encourage isolation and essentially reward habits that can harm one’s mental health and cognitive ability in the long run.

In this context, the missing piece of the puzzle is a way to harness the full power of crypto to maximize beneficial opportunities while minimizing its potential shortcomings related to the health of its current users and the upcoming generation of web 3.0 natives.



Mental Health for Creatives.

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